Meet The Guy That ngina kenyatta and June ruto Had A Cat Fight For(PHOTO).He Is Married!!

Ruth Ruto & Ngina Kenyatta

By Standard Newspaper

Today being a ThrowBack Thursday(#TBT) and we would like to jog your memory on an expose’ The standard Newspaper did that shocked the showbiz scenes.

After we exposed sometime back the love triangle pitting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter, Ngina Kenyatta, and William Ruto’s daughter June Ruto, the two royal girls were again in another love controversy.But this time, it is another man from William Ruto’s family who
is doing everything he can to ensure he hooks up with the daughter of the President.

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According to our impeccable sources, National Youth Chairman, Meshack Kimutai(PHOTO BELOW),and Ruto’s brother- in- law,Gerald Bitok,


were plotting day and night to ensure that the latter tested the flesh of the President’s lovely daughter.Sometime last year, as the world was deep asleep on a certain Wednesday, a royal batter trade was taking place at Aroma Café, Mombasa,where Bitok wanted to use Meshack’s close ties to Ruto’s family and Beth Mugo to nail Ngina.
Meshack Kimutai, who had also for a long time salivated on June Ruto’s beautiful body, used Gerald Bitok to convince June Ruto to love him and they seem to be doing well in their escapades.
When Meshack Kimutai wanted June Ruto after dating Ngina for a few months in the period leading up to the March 2013 elections, Ruto and his wife Rachael seemed a hard nut to crack and that is when he sought the help of Gerald.



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