MEN You Should Know This!!5 things Ladies In relationships Do Secretly But Will Never Admit

My pastor has a phrase “God works in mysterious ways”. As a firm believer I can attest to the practicality of this. Many men will surely back me up when I say women too are mysterious in their own ways.

They may not be at God’s level, but still, the mystery is puzzling.  I don’t know….. but I think that ladies are infact the relationship: In most if not all the cases as they actively keep it alive.

You think you know her?  Well, you don’t. Ladies do a lot of of things behind the scenes, just to make sure that they are in the right place with the guy. The actions are perhaps valid precautionary measures, as she pursues her relationship.

She will be cool about these things, yet silently she will do them, just to make sure she is in your court for every good reason.

1. Leave Things at His Place


Most of time, it’s by “Accident”

Well, that sleepover is always a way out of the closet. First she leaves her handkerchief, perhaps ,her favorite dress and of course the toothbrush.

I am not so good in boundary management, (if there is such a thing) but it is a sure way of marking a territory, just in case some ‘enemy’ else tries to feel comfortable.CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING…

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