Mike Sonko’s Daughter Caught In a GUN Incidence!!Here is What She Intends To Do

salma-mbuvi(LEFT Salma Mbuvu Holding a real Gun!!..)

Looks like Mike Sonko’s Daughter Salma Mbuvi wants to go on a shooting spree with singer Marya following this pic(left) she uploaded on her Instagram account and also what she said about it..!

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter attracted numerous Kenyans to her account after she posed with a gun, with the caption, “She found happiness once she learnt that not everything deserves her energy some people are to just clear and to forget if they do exist.

Salma went on to chat with her friends on her comment claiming that she is all about the thug life and is ready to clear out all her haters with her gun. This comes shortly after she had blasted and openly got angry with singer Marya for dating her aunt’s husband, a story that is yet to be confirmed..MOST VIEWED TODAY:SONKO RESPONDS TO UHURU’S LABOUR DAY RANT &HE’S NOT AFRAID OF ALLEGED UHURU’S “MPANGO WA KANDO”

‘Chokoza ‘ crooner Marya has been forgotten for a while now after getting dropped from Ogopa DJ’s but Sonko’s daughter rudely shoved her back into the limelight after she recently took to Instagram to ‘anika’ her as a mpango wa Kando.

Judging from the way Marya liberally flaunted her man on social media, I don’t think she had anything to hide because  if she did she would have been tactful about her new man. Or Maybe they were separated with the wife before he met Marya and the wife wanted to get back at her through Salma or Salma did it on her own accord.Who knows? With these things you cannot really take a side or come to a conclusion based on grainy one sided messages posted on social media.

We really  hope Salma does not take her thirst for hate to far on Marya and she better handle that gun safely lest she goes on a shooting drama with marya or shoots herself on the foot…!!Salma If you shall read this please don’t enter into people’s business even if they are your family members!!

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