MIRACLE In Othaya!Toddler Gets Rescued 2 Hours After Mother Threw Him in a Dam-VIDEO

While some couples are praying days and nights to have babies, some are trying to kill them. What a world!..

In Othaya a mother threw her son in a dam hoping to kill him and ease her struggling life.

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On the evening of 9th December 2016 Brandon Gitahi was rescued from Chinga dam by a police officer from Chinga police station who swam 150m to reach where he was floating in the waters!!!!

The young boy’s cry attracted residents among them a police officer from Chinga Police station who swam to save the kid.

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According to reports the boy had been floating unconsciously for almost 2 hours!!!!

Miraculously the jacket the boy wore helped him stay afloat all that time.

The kid was safely rescued and rejuvenated by the brave police office, taken to hospital and mother arrested.

Below is the video


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