Is DANSON MUNGATANA In BIG Trouble?Here’s What Is Happening In His Life After Losing His MP Seat

Danson Mungatana
Danson Mungatana

In what could perhaps best epitomize a case of dwindling fortunes,Mr Danson Mungatana have been going through the most tempting phase of his life.

Mr Mungatana was the former Garsen Member of Parliament and an assistant minister during the retired president,Mwai Kibaki’s regime.

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When anybody mentions Mr.Mungatana’s name,the most likely thing that comes to mind first is the 2007 post-election poll petition(filed by Raila Odinga)where he proactively defended the former President,Mwai Kibaki alongside the so called ‘Iron Lady’-Martha Karua. That is just one of the many instances Mr.Mungatana has been on the limelight.

All seemed to go well for the enthusiastic Mungatana as he immersed wealth,got fame and even had an alleged illicit affair with two women(former Kenya Top model,Cecilia Mwangi and K24 Swahili News Anchor,Mwanaisha Chidzugah) even though he had married another woman.Talk of Mswati syndrome.


Bwana Mungatana aliponda raha kama bado mali ipo and also had the most lucrative political career until his fortunes started dwindling four years ago when he considerably lost his Garsen Parliamentary seat…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING…

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