jacob Juma’s brother links an ODM MP to his Murder

Kenyan businessman Jacob Juma shot dead in Nairobi

Murdered businessman Jacob Juma’s brothers suspect a member of parliament of killing him.

The brothers recorded statements urging the police to investigate Sirisia MP John Walukhe over Jacob Juma’s death, The Star reported on Monday, June 6.

According to them, Juma and Waluhke had some business wrangles that could have motivated the lawmaker kill their brother.

The MP dismissed the claims as rubbish and far-fetched as he had never quarreled with Juma for the 23 years that they had been friends.

“It is sad that anybody would think that I would be involved in something like that… I feel bad that Juma had to die in such a heinous way. I have never had a quarrel with Juma at any point in my life,” he told The Star.

Walukhe, who co-owned a construction company with Jacob Juma, added that he was ready to record a statement with the police over the death as well.

Police said they had so far interrogated 28 people in connection with the killing.

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