Is Dennis Okari & Betty KYALO’s Marriage On The Rocks?Here’s What You ALSO Didn’t Know

Theirs was billed as the wedding of the year and it sure did deliver.

It was an invite only affair coming after months of publicity and even several corporate sponsors were wowed into the whole set up. Now, it seems the couple of Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo, who at their best were among those’perfect couples’ could be headed for a divorce.

The matter at hand is yet to be established with sources close to them citing only irreconcilable differences which is pretty much the basis for many divorce cases with celebrities. Close friends to the couple are quoted as confirming that the two no longer stay in the same house and operate in different locations.

Another pointer that the marriage is not all rosy is the absence of the usual romantic notes and shares the two have had on social media. While they would usually retweet each other and share updates or like in the case of Prezzo defend each other, it has been as cold as ice on that front for some time now. Indeed, the last time the couple shared anything on social media was on January 8-9 when Denis Okari ferociously defended Betty Kyallo from the uncouth acts of a drunk CMB Prezzo. This is what he said


at the time and the following day Betty Kyalo would reply


How things quickly change. The PDA’s on social media that wold infuriate some of their followers have gone. However, the couple is not talking nor washing any dirty linen in public anymore. If a divorce is to happen it would be a neat one given that Betty Kyallo still retains Okari’s name even on social media.For now it is a matter of waiting to see how this all unfolds.

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