13 Things Women REALLY Wish Men KNEW About love making and Their Bodies


It’s common knowledge that men and women approach love making differently,but the details that sometimes aren’t so easy to open up about. Things like what guys are literally thinking during love making, what makes love making good and what can ruin the moment in 5 seconds flat.

So guys let me take you back to the romance school and share what i know about things women wish guys knew about love making;

1. It’s not that women don’t like giving bl*wjobs, guys just need to make sure your gen 1tals are clean!

I’m a huge fan of both giving and receiving 0 ral $ex. Men are really vocal about how they won’t go down on women who “smell funny” or “taste weird” — but women are expected to be enthusiastic about giving blowj obs regardless of the circumstances. Make their job easier and make sure you’ve taken a shower recently. Man scaping, to any extent, is also always appreciated…CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING