MUTAHI NGUNYI’s opinion on Who Leaks Government Scandals To RAILA


Political analyst Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi has revealed that ODM leader Raila Odinga has been getting government secrets from technocrats he worked with during his reign as Prime Minister.

According to Ngunyi, President Kenyatta has failed to implement a new regime but rather chose to retain a number of technocrats who had worked for Raila in the Grand-Coalition government.

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“Uhuru did not purge the Raila elements from the past coalition government – this is a tactical error,” the renowned professor observed.

 “John F Kennedy in the US was assassinated by elements he failed to purge from the previous regime. Such elements will show you no mercy and Uhuru must show no kindness towards them, these are the people who are leaking scandals to Raila Odinga”,he added.

The political analyst further claimed that the corruption claims from Odinga are part of a larger conspiracy that could see President Kenyatta impeached by Parliament.

“Raila is conditioning us that whenever he says something, he is right and he will definitely use that conditioning to declare himself as President in 2017. The logic is that If Raila has made us to believe everything else, we will also believe him when he says he has won in 2017,” Ngunyi claimed.

Ngunyi observes that Odinga intends to use the……CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING & WATCH VIDEO…

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