MUTAHI Ngunyi Exposes How UHURU is Using Electoral Laws to Bring Down Raila’s NASA-VIDEO

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has theorised a ploy President Uhuru Kenyatta could be using with the recently amended Electoral Law to bring down CORD leader Raila Odinga.

The professor notes that President Kenyatta was aware that the amendments, which were hastily made amid protests by ODM leaders, would irk Mr Odinga in the wrong way, prompting him to take drastic action.

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According to Mr Ngunyi, the former Prime Minister who has already called for mass demonstrations in January, is being set up by the Head of State.

The political scientist highlights that riots in Kenya will give Kenyatta a good ground to taint Mr Odinga as a warmonger, which in turn could cost him votes in the much awaited 2017 General Election.

“Is it possible that Uhuru has set Raila up over this Electoral Law? That Uhuru knows Raila’s reaction to this law will be violent mass action and he wants Raila to get violent to depict him as a warmonger?” Ngunyi questions.

Mr Ngunyi adds that Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi and Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka could also opt to take revenge on Odinga, who had earlier betrayed them.

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In his theory, he states that Mudavadi and Kalonzo could dupe Odinga into continuing with the mass demos and his threats to boycott election, only to abandon him and stamp him a ‘warmonger’.

“Kalonzo and Mudavadi might decide to betray Raila as a form of revenge. And to do so they are likely to encourage Raila to boycott the election and to go on with mass action galore. Then in the heat over the violence, they abandon Raila and argue that they stand for peace. If they do so they would have set Raila up as a warmonger,” Ngunyi says.

The political analyst points out that this would break the National Super Alliance (NASA) and in turn establish an anti-Raila coalition….CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE READING & WATCH VIDEO ANALYSIS…

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