JUST 2 Years After His Mysterious Death,MUTULA Kilonzo’s WIFE Is BUSTED Doing THESE By Mutula Jr

PHOTO Courtesy|SDE
PHOTO Courtesy|SDE

It’s barely two years after Kenyans mourned the passing away of Makueni Senator, Mutula Kilonzo,a family feud erupted between Mutula’s widow, Nduku Kilonzo, and her stepson, Mutula Kilonzo Junior..

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In an stinging email to his stepmother titled “Cruelty to Animals”, Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, who succeeded his father as the Makueni Senator, accused Nduku Kilonzo of neglecting the lions his father had kept at his vast Kwa Kyelu Ranch, along Mombasa Road.
Mama Muathi, face the facts. There is no reason on earth and in heaven to treat these animals like this. The estate has livestock in Nakuru too. You have failed. Period! Your husband would beg to die again if he was to wake up from his grave to see this,Mutula Junior wrote.
These pictures were taken yesterday (April 2). One of the starving lions is named after you. You don’t feed us, clothe us or do anything for the children of your late husband. What is so difficult with (sic) managing five animals?” Junior added

However in aquick rejoinder,Nduku laughed off these claims saying the lions are “healthy and well” saying Mutula’s claims were driven by “malice and jealousy“. 

Nduku added, “That boy (Mutula Junior) is just fighting me. He has always been fighting me and soon and I will not be able to hide it. Two weeks ago I went to Kiserian and bought 14 heads of cattle to be slaughtered for the lions. The animals (lions) are in good shape and they have never lacked anything,” Nduku said.

When it comes to a family brawl,it is hard to take sides because you can never know who is on the right or who is lying.

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