SAD Story!Ahmed DARWESH’s Wife Reveals His Hubby’s LAST Words &How He Saw His Death Coming

Armed Darwesh &Wife,Photo Courtesy:SDE
Armed Darwesh &Wife,Photo Courtesy:SDE

It has been two months since the untimely demise of Swahili news anchor,Ahmed Darwesh but sorrowful details that surrounded his death keep on emerging.

Ahmed was very sick at the time when his wife had just given birth to a son at Mater Hospital in Nairobi.

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There son was in the incubator and the wife was expressing milk to it when Darwesh felt out of shape and ill.The wife told him to go home and he would call him once she was done.

When Ahmed reached home at around 10.30pm,he called her and asked whether she was done.She answered in the affirmative and asked where and how he was.

Darwesh was at the parking lot all that time and he had not gone home.When his wife why he was unable to go  home,he answered smiling,”Mamake usiwe na wasi wasi na mimi, umri wangu mfupi (Don’t worry about me love. My time here is short)“.’Mamake’ was a nick-name that Darwesh had given her for being the mother of his children.

Ahmed Darwesh occasionally dropped hints that his days on Earth were numbered, but I did not catch on…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO VIEW WHAT FOLLOWED THEREAFTER…

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