Panic grips UHURUTO Over RAILA’s New Strategic Plan to Win Elections In August.SEE the LEAKED Document!

ODM leader Raila Odinga is set to take home victory in the August elections a Kenya’s 5th President. A document with ODM’s plan and campaign strategies has leaked on social media and Jubilee are getting scared.

In the files, ODM plans to invest a lot of money for a stronger communication network to avoid what happened in 2012.

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The document is dubbed “Badilisha Serikali ya ufisadi”, and in it is a budget of how ODM will use their money to ensure that their victory will not be taken from them this time round.

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The following is a sample; Ksh 800,000 on WhatsApp, Facebook-KSh 400, 000, Twitter- Ksh700, 000, blogs- KSh 1000,000 and Ksh 500000 on YouTube.

Here is The document;

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