A Single Parent’s Hard-Hitting Letter To University Students Following The Tragic Kisii Road Accident


After the tragic Friday accident that claimed the lives of several college students and injured others, many Kenyans have taken to social media to speak out about the incident. What caught my attention was a really moving letter from this one single parent. Check out the lengthy post on social media that speaks to university students about their choices in life and how that affects society.

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“Students stop causing heart attacks to your parents. Death may come in any way. It true nobody knows the day or hour he/she will die. But its so paining for a parent who has struggled so much to take you to school pay your school fees and all other expenses and support you up to university level to receive the news of your sudden death. In one incident a student left her home earlier assuring the parents that she was going back to campus at Maseno only parents to be called that she met a grisly accident in Nakuru. Yesterday’s accident has left many Kenyans in shock. Students travelling ten hours to attend to a bash termed as a white party. Am speaking on behalf of single parents who go through a hell of time to ensure that all is met for the family. How I wish those who perished could have survived the ordeal of the accident so that they can see the agony and pain caused to their parents and sponsors( not the new coined meaning) you saw two sisters of a single mother perish, I bet this was an accident courted , I may be wrong and I don’t intend to demean way weird students. To all beloved students please spare your parents the heart attacks. We have a lot of hope in your as elites in society. We all know its a stage where you feel that you own the world but its just a fallacy, you die alone. You leave your parents in agony. Oh no..please help your parents to live longer.”

May they Rest in Peace.

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