(PHOTOS)Governor Alfred MUTUA Seen Controlling Traffic at Night during The MASAKU 7’s

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua did the unimaginable during the Masaku 7’s to the utter dismay of the revelers.

Governor Mutua got a standing ovation from motorists for personally managing traffic during the just concluded Masaku Sevens International Rugby Bonanza…SEE ALSO:MUST SEE:Here Are TOP 7 Things That Happened at MASAKU 7’s BUT You Were Never SHOWN Or TOLD!

Apart from steering the county ahead in terms of development, he took time to ensure the Rugby event went on smoothly and was spotted directing traffic for over four hours to clear a traffic buildup that was threatening to cause a major jam.

Unlike last year’s event which witnessed massive traffic jams lasting over eight hours, this time round, Mutua left nothing to chance and commanded traffic at strategic points within Machakos town to ensure drivers were at ease.

The Star learnt that the Governor was watching Rugby at the Kenyatta Stadium at 9pm on Saturday when he was alerted that congestion was building up in Machakos town center and all traffic officers had left.

The Governor refused to leave until he was sure all was well. Check out the photos of him controlling traffic




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