Please Pray for Esther ARUNGA.Whatever she’s Going Through Now Can Make an Average Person Commit Suicide!

Esther Arunga:Photo Courtesy
Esther Arunga:Photo Courtesy

Details have emerged that former KTN news anchor,Esther Arunga has hit yet another mind wrecking obstacle in her life after her husband’s mental health has deteriorated from bad to worse,prompting him to be admitted back to the Brisbane Prince Charles Mental Health Hospital in Australia.

The mental faculties of his controversial husband Quincy Timberlake,a one-time vocal political hopeful and church leader at the scandalous Finger of God Church,have been reduced to a sorry state and his judgement is currently impaired.The issue has driven his wife,Esther and family into a sequence of painful anxiety.

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Impeccable sources from the family’s privy uncovered that Quincy had been discharged from the Mental Hospital,where he was admitted for a few months however he was forced to be taken back after he began getting violent to his family and everybody around him.

Esther Arunga is currently experiencing another traumatic period of her life as she is as of now jobless and relies upon well-wishers to feed and school her children.She was working as a store vendor but had to quite to take care of her mentally ill husband.

Esther and Quincy have been mauled by scandals that have stressed them to the limit,especially after the demise of their three year old child, who passed on under questionable circumstances.Quincy is purported to have killed the kid with claims that he was expelling evil spirits from him.Esther was mentioned to be involved in the baffling demise of their child whose case is still in court.They both risk life imprisonment if found culpable.

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