Proffesional rapist Dr. Mugo Wa Wairimu Now Faces Double Tragedy!SEE DETAILS

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Following Citizen TV’s exposé on the fake gynecologist who goes by the name Mugo wa Wairimu,who rapes his patients by sedating them,he got arrested and is to face his fate after 14 days.

Sophisticated rapist, Dr. Mugo Wa Wairimu, was caught pants down doing the unthinkable to an innocent patient who had sought treatment from his facility.

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Little had been known about Mugo wa Wairimu as much as renown country blogger,Robert Alai had exposed him many months ago but because he lacked videographic evidence, Kenyans were quick to brush his claim aside.

Following Citizen TV’s exposé last early last week,Alai went on spree of disclosing more information showing Dr, Mugo was not only a rapist but a hate speech proponent and a lousy hypocrite.

Last year, Mugo tweeted to express his frustration following increased cases of rape. He was rooting for castration as the best option for punishing rapists.Little did he know what would befall of him when his secretive escapades came into limelight.

Mugo has also been hurling dangerous words that would make what the likes of Moses Kuria and Mutahi Ngunyi uttered on social media to be nothing.

Mugo now faces double tragedy; there is enough evidence to charge him in a court of law for two counts; rape and hate speech.Just look at the tweets below;

mugo (2)

mugo3 mugo_bb

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