“RAILA Has A Hole In His SOUL!He sucks blood From The Poor…”,Mutahi Ngunyi INSULTS Raila Badly.SEE MORE!

Mutahi ngunyi

The recent tweets by renown political analyst,Mutahi Ngunyi has made him lose respect of many Kenyans who looked up to him for any political opinion.His derogatory opinions via twitter against CORD leader Raila Odinga is a clear indication that he has lost it as far as offering any political outlook is concerned..MOST VIEWED TODAY:MUST READ!!The UNTOLD Story Of President UHURU’S Friendship With CS Ann WAIGURU.Since 99

As a renown political scientist,one would assume he would not take sides while commentating on any national issue,politics notwithstanding.

However according to his recent prejudiced perspective of CORD leader Raila Odinga,it is clear that he has been emotionally motivated following Raila’s take on NYS corruption scandal,in which he(Mutahi) was notably mentioned.

SEE his recent lush of words towards the former prime minister:


I wonder whether Kenyans will still continue to religiously take Mutahi’s word for it because today it might be Raila on the receiving end while tomorrow it might be any JAP principle.Kama aliiba,arudishie wakenya PESA zao,hii Kenya sio ya mamake!!

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