Raila Involved in a road ACCIDENT.Details kept quiet by the Police

Raila(Left) and Philip Etale(Right)|PHOTO COURTESY
Raila(Left) and Philip Etale(Right)|PHOTO COURTESY


Details have emerged that CORD co-Principal Raila Odinga  survived an attempt on his life on Wednesday, June 8, after an unidentified public service vehicle hit his car on the side he sits.

According to his Director of Communications, Philip Etale,the incident was kept a secret although investigations have started.The driver of the PSV was arrested for questioning and later released.

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“Police have kept this incident quiet. CORD wants to make it clear that no amount of intimidation or public pronouncements that have no constitutional bearing will stop them from pushing the government to agree to dialogue on reforms in the IEBC,” wrote Etale.

This is not the first time it is reported that there was an alleged attempt on the life of the ODM leader.

On Monday, May 16, 2016, another vehicles belonging to the former Prime Minister was shot at during the CORD anti-IEBC demonstrations in the Capital.

The police questioned why Raila had not presented his car for ballistic questioning after it was claimed that the police shot at the vehicle and posted the picture on social media.

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