After Mwanahamisi &Swaleh MDOE got allegedly bribed,Popular Radio Presenter is Again Implicated

Ben Oluoch Okello Of Ramogi FM

Last year there was a scandal of epic proportions after Swaleh Mdoe,Mwanahamisi Hamadi,Shisia Wasilwa,Kimeli Arap Kemei,Yusuf Ali and several other RMS personalities were indefinitely suspended.(READ Here Is You Missed The Story)

The top cream journalists were suspended after they allegedly received a bribe to ‘kill’ a story involving Nairobi Senator,Mike Sonko.

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Now a Radio Ramogi presenter has been accused by renown controversial blogger,Robert Alai of receiving bribes in order to twist/kill a story in favor of Luo leaders. Here is the full text:

“Luo leaders are not accountable because they have media platform owners they can bribe to twist the story. Ben Oluoch Okello is part of the problem. You just need to pay Ksh 2,000 or upwards of that and Radio Ramogi will be singing your praise. We must change the leaders.

A non performing governor or MP need only to make appearance on a radio or TV show with 100k bribe and nothing negative about him will see the light of day. This is how the media platform operators destroy devolution.”

Below is a screenshot of what he posted;


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