REVEALED:HERE Is Why The Former President,Mwai KIBAKI LEFT His Brother To DIE A POOR MAN

Mwai kibaki at his brother's funeral
Mwai kibaki at his brother’s funeral

By The People Magazine

In interviews done by the People sometime back, it curiously emerges the former President,Mwai Kibaki hardly caused a conspicuous change in the lives of his deceased brother Nderitu and his entire family as Kenyans might have assumed..TRENDING NOW:How DP RUTO Frustrated and Spoilt UHURU-RAILA State House Mediation Talks

However, Nderitu(the late Kibaki’s brother) and Waitherero(sister) were a jovial lot, and hoped soon they would be living with their executive brother without restrictions of State protocol when Mwai was in power.

As his family, we long for the day when our brother will come home for retirement. For me, although we only see him a few times due to his national status,I wish we could go back to the old times when we would share arrow roots and graze animals together,’’ Nderitu was quoted saying.

We live in timber houses but we are comfortable. We were never going to change our way of life because our brother became President,” said Nderitu. He said Kenyans should understand it was their resolve not to just rely on the former President for their upkeep and that was why they worked and lived like other ordinary rural folk at Gatuyaini, a few kilometres from Othaya town…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING..

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