KDF and Army Officers Salaries in Kenya

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When jobs for Cadets and army officers are advertised, more than30, 000 Kenyans scramble for the limited opportuntites.These Kenyans are not aware how much KDF soldiers earn. Below we reveal the salaries of the army in Kenya

Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)-Ksh 894,897

Lieutenant-Generals -Ksh632,984

Colonels Ksh-153,317

Lt-Colonels Ksh-130,735

Majors Ksh-102,106

Captains Ksh73,182

Corporal Ksh 32,250

Lance Corporals Ksh26,509

Privates Ksh19,941

The salaries above are exclusive of allowances. The allowance for a new recruit is Ksh7,172.

A cadet receives allowances amounting to Sh11, 852 while an Officer Cadet who has served three years earns Sh24, 520.

Looking at the salaries, the army earn more than the police officers by a huge margin.

One of the things that army officers enjoy most is the fact that in the barracks, the prices of all commodities are half priced. If, for instance, the normal price of sugar is Ksh 120, then expect to buy the same at Ksh70 or less in the barracks.

KDF soldiers also receive hefty allowances when deployed outside the country for a peace mission. Their daily allowances range between Ksh 5,000-Ksh 10,000.


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