Richest kids In Kenya:Here Are Top 7 Richest Kids Of Prominent People In Kenya!SEE How They Live

These have to be the real socialites. Here is the list of the richest kids in Kenya that people are always talking about

1. Alvin Kabogo


Kiambu Governor William Kabogo is well endowed monetary-wise and enjoys a lavish lifestyle as demonstrated by making it rain on his supporters during the election period. And it rubs off on Alvin Kabogo. Alvin is the youngest son to Kiambu Governor Kabogo and the brother to Andrew Kabogo.Just like Kabogo,Kabogo Junior likes to stunt like his daddy, he is a big spender who parties in a limo and looks like he really does enjoy the good life.

In addition he studies at the University of Brighton where international student pay from around £12,330 (1,275,728) to £14300 (1,479,554) per year depending on which course and which level of education you are undertaking.



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