How RUTO’s Childhood Friends Called Him During His Brother’s Burial.They Can’t Believe He’s DP!


Deputy President William Ruto cracked the ribs of grievers during the funeral of his younger brother by recalling his childhood encounters.

Speaking durimg the burial of the late Harisson Kiptoo Korir at the family’s home in Kamagut,Mr Ruto said that his childhood friends were finding it difficult to comprehend he is the deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

“Your excellency, my friend Kilimendi (Clement) and others whom I grew up with, find it difficult to recognize me as the Deputy President. I was here yesterday and one even called me ‘Wee William’,” the Deputy President revealed on Wednesday cheering up the moaners.

The DP said that it was great President Uhuru Kenyatta had gone to his late brother’s send-off so that his friends and villagers can affirm that he s indeed the Deputy president.

When he took to the platform, President Kenyatta looked to confirm to the villagers that without a doubt Ruto was his Deputy.

President Kenyatta made a surprise visit by going to the memorial service of his Deputy’s younger brother and even found time to be shown a basic two-roomed house Mr Ruto was living in when he was a chicken seller.

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