Isaac RUTTO’s Swollen Face & Red Eye Raises Medical Concerns!He’s Rushed to Nairobi Hospital-PHOTOs


Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto was on Monday airlifted to Nairobi after a police tear gas canister hit him in Bomet on Sunday.

The Governor landed at Wilson airport at around 8.50am where he addressed the media before being taken to Nairobi Hospital for check up.

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He had a swollen face and a red eye.

Rutto said police officers threw a teargas canister at him when he asked why some youths had been arrested.

Samoei said an officer tried to hit him with a stick but the Governor’s security thwarted the move.

“Around ten or more police officers retreated and lobbed tear gas canisters directly at the Governor in quick succession,” he said.

Samoei said Rutto sustained a cut that made him bleed.

“He was administered first aid on his way home where a doctor dressed the wound,” he said.


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