FUNNY:SEE What UHURU Did When He Saw Browsing History DP Ruto Forgot To Clear From His Laptop!

Time and again,President Uhuru Kenyatta has oftenly left the country for official trips and it is his Deputy President William Ruto who has assumed power to that effect.

Some Kenyans,especially on twitter have oftenly made jokes and memes about how the DP cries upon sitting on the most powerful seat in Kenya since it seems too much for him to take considering his humble upbringing.

Well the photo below is no different from the memes which have been done about Ruto…SEE ALSO:Hilarious VIDEO!SEE How Mzee OJWANG INTRODUCED Himself On 1st Day In VIOJA Mahakamani

But i found this photo quite hilarious so that i had to share.

Considering Uhuru’s reaction on what he saw on his laptop,it might be something not pleasant at all;

Check the photo below;


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