Shocking Revelation on what Uhuru is Planning against Ruto’s Graft

THE Deputy President has been linked in the past with gross graft. Ranging from the Lang’ata Land squabbles, to the Maize scandal. Hon Ruto cannot seem to shake off the vile cross of corruption that he has been rigorously carrying. President Uhuru’s Crack of the whip on the corrupt recently does not help Ruto’s dire situation at all if anything it worsens it.

However the President has not been coy over this matter at all. Through his spokesperson Manoah Esipisu, he has defended his deputy from those baying for his blood. Although the Executive has sworn to eradicate graft, His Excellency has to put his house in order, this is because its understood that sources close to the president namely, the TNA legal, have claimed that the president will spare no one in this purge.

This is sending mixed signals from the House on the Hill, since we are not certain of what the President is lining up very sure. But one thing is for sure the next few weeks may yet hold a rude awakening for the so called Big-Fish politicians. Much is coming or is it?

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