It’s shocking what Gangsters Did To the sister of Tahidi High Actress,Miss MORGAN,In A BUS!

Mis.Morgan And Her Sister

Former Mother-in-Law actress/the younger sister(next of kin) of Tahidi High’s Miss Morgan, Shee Waruinge,has come out to disclose how she was drugged in an Embassava matatu.

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The actress was able to alight the bus on her feet but was immediately rushed to hospital minutes later due to the help of philanthropic Kenyans who immediately noticed her wobbling away.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first incidence of people being drugged into deep slumber by fellow passengers before being robbed of their goodies.

Here is the full text she posted on social media of the unfortunate incident;

My dear friends, beware of thugs drugging passengers in matatus, especially embassava!!!! I’m just from hospital after being a victim. I took an em bassava today morning. When I got to Nyayo, I started feeling nauseated, I just assumed It’s my hormones, then I started feeling dizzy and fatigued, I told the tout to Stop I alight, he said “kuna makarao madam” next thing I knew I was at Luthuli avenue, I used the strength I had and grabbed my hand bag tight and stood up and left. Through moment my foot hit the ground, I felt like I want to fall down. The bike guys came and held me and took me to a restaurant called “Nyam hotel”

I sat down and was given water. Then I threw up. I felt a bit better and decided to call my cab guy who then took me to hospital. Doing some lab tests, I was indeed drugged but Thank God it hadn’t spread or become severe. Sigh.

I am lost for words. To whoever tried to drug me, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. May God forgive you!


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