SHOCKING!!A Nairobian Reporter BUSTS A Popular SENATOR ABORTING At A City Hospital.SEE Details

By The Nairobianabortion

Details have emerged that a popular senator reportedly checked into a City hospital(whose name remains confidential for security reasons) in about two weeks ago for a medical procedure…SEE ALSO:SEE PHOTOS!!Governor Alfred MUTUA Caught Doing The UNTHINKABLE at Night during The MASAKU 7’s
However, the nurses at the city hospital told the Nairobian reporter that one of the procedures involved was a ‘non-surgical abortion in which abortifacient pharmaceutical drugs are used to induce abortion.’

This issue was very confidential and we were not even allowed to know the circumstances under which it happened,” a source whispered to the reporter.

Whether she is the one who asked for the procedure or it was on the doctor’s request still remains unknown.

The politician checked out of the hospital a day later.

Sources however indicate that the said lady was constantly complaining of ill health prior to her date with the medics.So essentially it might have been a necessary procedure since her health was at stake.

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