The Day when P.Ng’ang’a ex-Wife Busted Him Pants Down With A Church Member In Their Matrimonial Bed

Pastor Ng'ang'a & Wife:Photo Courtesy
Pastor Ng’ang’a & Wife:Photo Courtesy

There seems to be a growing series of problems amongst superstar televangelists and this story is one of them.Today being a flashback Friday(#FBF),we undertake a tale involving Televangelist Ng’ang’a that grabbed the headlines early this year.

Pastor’s wife, Loise Murugi Maina filed for divorce early this year and wanted over half a million shillings a month in child-support for their one year daughter.

In her court documents, Loise claimed that their marriage was in chaos as soon as it started, when she discovered a side of Pastor Maina she never knew of. According to her, Maina would text and call other women late at night which was very hurting to her at the time but she realized that was just the least of her worries as he had other affairs that even ended up in him bringing women to their matrimonial bed,who in most cases were his congregants.

“Pastor Ng’ang’a to my surprise was a drunkard and very abusive to me”, Loise claimed. She went as far as saying that she also learned that he would sleep with his staff and other members of the congregation, including married women.

She then claimed 535,000 shillings per month in child support, saying Ng’ang’a is an extremely wealthy person with an expensive lifestyle and it would not be a problem for him to raise such an amount. On his side,Ng’ang’a accused Loise of abandoning their matrimonial home and denying him access to their daughter. He feared that she will not be brought up in the right moral standing.

Loise is Ng’ang’a’s second wife after he left the first one who had four kids with him. They wedded in 2012 in one of the most expensive weddings the country has seen, attended by high profile officials including the then vice president, Kalonzo Musyoka.

The matter is still in court.

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