The Most Romantic Ways to Say “I Love You”

Love is an amazing feeling and there is nothing embarrassing about showing it as much as you want. Saying “I love you” is great, but sometimes words are just words and nothing more. If you really love your partner you need to show your affection not only verbally, you also need to demonstrate your feelings with your actions and behavior. Our fantasy has no boundaries, so there are a lot of creative yet simple ways to express your love.This article can help you strengthen your relationship, or even bring back that sparkle and romance between you two if needed. So, check the list of the most romantic ways to say “I love you” and show how much you cherish your loved one.

  1.  Dinner on the roof                                           Image result for romantic DINNER AT ROOF TOP

Everybody loves romantic dinners with good wine, lounge music, and candles. But do you know that you can actually make it even more romantic? What you need is just to spend your date on the roof. Imagine you and your partner are on the roof hugging, kissing and enjoying magnificent views. Sounds great, yeah? You should definitely try a date like this. It is also an ideal place for making a proposal. Think about.


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