Exposed At LAST!Here’s The TRUTH That Actually Forced Anne WAIGURU To Resign-PHOTO &VIDEO

Anne Waiguru:Photo Courtesy
Anne Waiguru:Photo Courtesy

Source Daily Nation

Authentic details have emerged that CS Anne Waiguru actually resigned as Cabinet secretary to protect her children from social media, according to her staff.

Publication of her family’s photos on social media platforms was the last straw that led her to ask the President to relieve her of her duties as the CS for Devolution and Planning, according to ministry staff who asked not to be named because they are not authorized to speak on her behalf.

Once pictures of her family started getting into social media, she decided it was too much. She could no longer handle the threat that it posed to her family,” said the source on her staff.

One of the photos showed her son,Ian Waiguru driving an expensive car(VIDEO and PHOTO On NEXT Page) — which he has since denied owning.

She was emphatic that she was quitting because some people were after her family. The CS feared that some cartels, whom she had stopped from getting money from the National Youth Service were after her family,” said the source.

NYS lost Sh791 million to fraud and another Sh695 million was almost gone when Ms Waiguru call in the police to investigate.

She feared that the cartel was..CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING & WATCH THE VIDEO..

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