This is exactly what killed MARK TOO! Is this not another suspect case of political assassination?

Former President Moi and Mark Too

A sad cloud engulfed residents of Eldoret following the death of former nominated MP, Mark Too.

Too served in the Moi era and was nicknamed Bwana Dawa.
He served as a political mentor to many leaders and most recall his humor from his hey days in leadership.
According to his doctor, Dr Ahmed Farajdied, Mark died due to complications of food poisoning. 
Faraj said that his patient had been unwell since Sunday, December 25, and had sought treatment at St Luke’s Orthopaedics and Trauma Hospital in Eldoret.
“He wasfeeling uncomfortable due to food poisoning.”
“I asked that he stays overnight for observation but he refused, saying he wanted to go home.”
“He completed the infusion the following day but he was unconscious when they brought him in,” said Dr Faraj.
 Too’s brother, Clement Tirop, said that he received a phone call on Saturday, December 31, 2016, and was told that his brother was unwell and was rushed to St Luke’s Hospital.
“I rushed there but I found him already dead.”
“As a family we cannot say much at the moment,” said Clement.
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