This Is The Salary A RECCE Squad Officer Takes Home In A Month-See PAYSLIP

I deduced that their salaries are below Kshs.30,000/=,less than i pay my house technician aka maid!I don’t understand the rationale of paying MPs over Kshs.1,200,000/= per month,and pay the people who protect us from the most extreme of situations Kshs.30,000/=,Being in RECCE means you cannot even run a small kiosk as there is no time…How then do we expect them to educate their kids,buy clothes for them and feed them.The conscience of the nation must be picked.It is shame we allow the best of the best of our soldiers to live in squalor.It is time we give RECCE the respect,remuneration,weapons,vehicles and houses they deserve.RECCE under its CO,Josphat Kirmi deserve more than our MPS “



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Below is the payslip.Some details have been censored for obvious reasons;


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