This Is why Doctors Are Terribly Worried About Mike SONKO’s son,Baby Osinya.Pray 4 Him Please!

It’s been 19 months since Baby Satrine Osinya had a head surgery,and ever since,Nairobi’s Senator Mike Sonko’s has been philanthropic enough to adopt him let alone taking care of hi medical bills.

According to a neurologist at Kenyatta National Hospital, Dr Gichuru Mwangi, the three year old is making tremendous improvement and he is scheduled to make a full recovery by next year.

However Baby Osinya’s trip to the doctor’s office for his routine check up also exposed a “growing fracture” where he was operated on, something that Dr Mwangi admitted was worrying.

He is still growing so we hope that the bone in his skull will close the gap. However, if that does not happen in a year, we might have to operate and close the fracture with a bone,the doctor said. 

Baby Osinya, a terror attack survivor, was adopted by the Nairobi Senator after he lost his mother to a gunman’s bullet during a terrorist attack at the Joy in Jesus Church in Likoni, Mombasa. 

He underwent a head surgery to remove a bullet lodged in his head –the same bullet that killed his mother who was shielding him from the hooded gunmen.

Below is one of the photos of Sonko’s wife leaving KNH;



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