MEN Try To STRIP A Popular Female MUSICIAN For Dressing Indecently.What The MOB Did’s Shocking

In the past year,”my dress my choice” slogan hit the headlines following a bus stop incident where an indecently dressed woman was stripped naked by Matatu touts.

It is because of that incident that Kilimani mums stood together and came out in solidarity dressed even more provocatively.

Coast based singer and self-proclaimed millionaire,Esther Akothee also came out to condemn the stripping of women incidences..SEE ALSO:Hilarious VIDEO!SEE How Mzee OJWANG INTRODUCED Himself On 1st Day In VIOJA Mahakamani

The singer teamed up with fellow friends and performed a short video to show their support for the #MyDressMyChoice campaign.Here you have it.Click below to watch(18+ please);

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