Tyranny Of Number is Dead and Baried-MUTAHI Ngunyi Explores and Questions UHURU’s Re-election Bid

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi

Via the Standardmedia Newspaper

Raila will be in government come the General Election. Not as president, but as a ‘forced’ Prime Minister. And this is his bare minimum. If he cannot become ‘Boss’, he must become Prime Minister at zero option, argues Prof Mutahi Ngunyi.

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Tyranny of Numbers was a generous gift from the gods. It was not deserved; it was not earned. It was just a ‘pain killer’ given by the gods to ease the agony of 2007 war. But then we assumed it was forever.

We assumed that 2017 is automatic for Jubilee, and 2022 is a forgone conclusion for William Ruto. Zero.

These are naive delusions. And because I introduced ‘Tyranny of Numbers’ to our politics, I will speak truthfully as a Prisoner of Scientific Conscience. The ‘Tyranny Magic’ is dead. It is Kaput! It will not work in 2017. End of Discussion!

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Now I will make another submission. For ‘Tyranny’ to work, there had to be an ‘Object of Aggression’. And this object was the International Criminal Court (ICC). GEMA and Kalenjin nations were mobilised to aggress this object.
The Jubilee vote was therefore more of an ‘anti-ICC protest’ than a ‘pro-Uhuru endorsement’. If ICC gave Jubilee supporters the passion to vote, removal of ICC has left their passion as ‘dry as a biscuit’….CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING…

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