President UHURU’s only achievements in 3 years are TRIBALISM & CORRUPTION-Kalonzo MUSYOKA

Kalonzo Musyoka on Press:Photo Courtesy
Kalonzo Musyoka on Press:Photo Courtesy

Former Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka, has lambasted the Jubilee Government and said that its only tangible “achievements” are corruption, heightened tribalism and intimidation by the State.

Speaking on Thursday when he officiated the launch of BF Suma pharmaceutical products in Kenya at the KICC, Kalonzo said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has been misgoverning the country due to lack of experience and Kenyans’ goodwill.
“Jubilee has no clue what governance is all about. For instance how can you stop a vision 2030 project like the KAA
Greenfield Terminal and add the after-thought of a railway to Naivasha?” Kalonzo posed.
The Wiper Party leader said Jubilee’s misrule has left Kenyans a “tired and bitter lot” because they have propelled
corruption and tribalism to their peaks.
He urged Uhuru to consider skipping today’s State of the Nation address because it will be “another public relations exercise” since his government has “completely failed”.
Kalonzo noted that no conviction has been made a year after the President, in a national address, presented names of
officials suspected to have engaged in corruption.
“Kenyans are tired of being taken round in circles over the “ghost of corruption” while no conclusion is reached,” said Kalonzo. 
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