UHURU’s Cute Daughter NGINA,appears in Public With Her Luo Brother.Her Smile Is a killer-Photos

President Uhuru adopted son,Otongolo,the famous young man from Kibera who recited a poem that touched the heart of the President during Mombasa Drama Festivals,seems to be bonding well with his new family members.

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Uhuru’s daughter,Ngina Kenyatta,and Otongolo were among speakers to grace the Kenyatta Trust occasion.
The Kenyatta Trust is an organization that President Uhuru pioneered with the sole responsibility of transforming the lives of young men and women in Kenya.
His beautiful daughter,Ngina,is placed at the helm of the organization as the director.
Early this week,Ngina invited his adopted brother,Otongolo to inspire the youths and launch Tuungane Executive Mentorship Program aimed at mentoring Young University students.
I must admit that Ngina’s radiant smile was all i could see in the photos below;
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