TBT:UHURU Exposes a Lot About What Fellow Boys Did To Him In Boarding School.Here’s What Mzee Jomo DId!

Uhuru and Mwai Kibaki Back Then
Uhuru and Mwai Kibaki Back Then

Today is Throwback Thursday and we happen to have a hilarious throwback video of President Uhuru Kenyatta while he was still the Deputy Prime Minister.

It was during an interview at the second Equity Bank Annual Education and Leadership Congress held at Kenyatta University.

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Uhuru recounted his time at St Mary’s School, saying it was an opportunity for him to interact with different people from all over the world. He lamented the lack of high school brotherhood in our society today, saying that if Kenyans carry through that unity, we would be one great country.

He also recounted that day when he had the honors of receiving a history award from none other than the then cabinet minister Mwai Kibaki.

Uhuru also narrated an episode in primary school when he was in std 6. The big boys in std 7 decided to beat them up, and his classmates could not stop wondering why he would allow it to happen yet his father was President. Succumbing to pressure, the young Uhuru made his way to the coin box and called his father in Gatundu.

Just for curiosity sake just watch the video to hear what Mzee Jomo told him and later on what unfolded.

Watch the video below:

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