UHURU reveals how he feels when people like MUTHAMA say he is WAIGURU’s lover


President Uhuru Kenyatta has slammed Members of Parliament over the contentious bill to gag the media and stop them from reporting anything bad about them.However he also pointed a warning finger toward the media for going overboard in the way they convey stories to Kenyans,especially about him!

Speaking at Nyayo National Stadium during the marking of this year’s Mashujaa Day Celebrations, Uhuru asked MPs to reconsider the bill to ensure it is in tandem with the Constitution.
He told MPs to amend the media laws,especially the punitive offending sections, to enhance freedom of the media.
The President gave an example of himself, saying that he does not care what people say about him or what the media write about him, because what people say about him has never made him lesser of  a man.
Let them say what they want to say,” Kwani watakupeleka wapi. Mimi nimetukanwa mara nyingi na hawa watu
hata kuandika maneno mengi yasiyo faa hata yanayohusisha familia yangu, lakini nawaambia waendele. Sijali mimi. Nimebaki nimesimama”
(I have been abused and have had many things written about me and my family some of which are not even true, but I have never wavered, in fact, they can continue doing what they because I don’t care and will not stop them from speculating) said President Uhuru.
It was clear that President Uhuru was indirectly referring to an incident in which Machakos Senator, Johnston Muthama, said unsavory words
against him and a section of the media have linked him to an illicit love affair with Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru.
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