UHURU Government Should INTERVENE!!SEE The EVIL DEEDS That Happen At SAFARICOM Call Centers!!


Kenya’s largest an renown telecommunication company, Safaricom, is on the limelight after sacking some of its employees at the call centers who developed a rear disease known as Acoustic  Shock Syndrome.

Acoustic Shock Syndrome is a deadly condition caused by exposure to high decibel noise for a long period of time that leads to the destruction of inner ear. The deadly condition is likely to cause trauma and loss of hearing.

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According the only registered Noise Maker in Kenya and controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, who reveled the ordeal said,workers at Safaricom Call Centers were laid off illegally after developing the dangerous health condition. They had no medical insurance and despite making billions in profits, Safaricom left its own employees to die like dogs.

But what is more unbelievable is that their health condition was caused by the usage of cheap and fake headphones purchased by the Safaricom companyCLICK NEXT BELOW TO VIEW FULL DETAILS & EXPOSE’

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