How UHURU Actually Reacted at State House after WAIGURU Resigned-SEE Messages

Photo:Google Images
Photo:Google Images

The resignation of Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Miss Anne Waiguru, reportedly affected President Uhuru Kenyatta who had constantly been asking her not to resign despite pressure from the opposition and a section of TNA & URP MPs  for her to quit over graft.

Before her resignation on Saturday evening, Waiguru first spoke with her boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and told him that she couldn’t take the pressure anymore because it was affecting her sons in school, tearing her relationships apart and tried to coin a good reason for her acquiescence.
The President,through his twitter handle,whose authenticity is a question of another day,penned down his dissatisfaction of CS Waiguru’s resignation but he was quick to wish her quick recovery.
Here are the messages Uhuru tweeted;
waiguru-resigns waiguru-resigns1
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