Social Media Impostor Gets UHURU’s Daughter,NGINA Kenyatta Into DEEP Trouble!SEE What Happened

The number of social media attention seekers has grown tremendously in the recent past and the latest victim of their distasteful conduct happens to be the gorgeous daughter of President Uhuru,Ngina Kenyatta.
Ngina has come under serious social media impersonation by a yet to be identified Kenyan.
Normally,whenever a person is a celebrity in the society,their social media handles are checked by a blue “verification” checkmark next to there name.
Now given that Ngina Kenyatta is not a social media fan and rarely does she like being seen on the limelight,some Kenyan decided to take advantage of that situation by purporting to be her on Twitter.

Ngina’s name was dragged into #MigunaMiguna hashtag yesterday on the social media when her Twitter impersonator commented on the raging online political debate.

Making quite scandalous hard-hitting comments,the fake Ngina wrote updates such as;

Time to get rid of the johos, kideros, rasangas, ‘the tired old & compromised’ to chair council of elders #MigunaMiguna #JKL

That’s not all that was disseminated by the fake Ngina since,the ‘pro-Miguna Miguna’ account also posted;

If #MigunaMiguna was my lecturer i would attend classes 100% Hitting the nail on the head. #JKL @KoinangeJeff

These comments immediately caused an uproar that were immediately dismissed after establishing that the comments weren’t from the charming Ngina Kenyatta but an impersonator.

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