The Untold Story Of This Citizen TV’s Lady Alleged Pregnancy With DP Ruto’s Child.Here’s What Happened

Jacqui-Maribe (1)
Jacquie Maribe at Statehouse:Photo Courtesy

According to KahawaTungu,a blog affiliated to controversial blogger,Robert Alai claimed sometime last year that through close friends of Deputy President William Ruto and Citizen TV political affairs reporter, Jacquie Maribe, that she allegedly has a child with the DP.According to close friends of the two,the DP and Jacquie have been known to be close, a fact which might have made her score the exclusive deal of the century,the interview she had with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House last year.

Maribe formerly dated The Star journalist, Oliver Mathenge who is also very close to the powers that be. She might gained her footing through the relationship with Oliver. She is currently baby-sitting the child.

DP Ruto is known to have a soft spot for ladies although she is currently married to Rachel Ruto but he is also linked to a single lady who lives in South B’s Balozi estate. He was once linked to youthful Senator Naisula Lesuuda especially when he hosted her during his trip to West Africa with the Hustlers’ Jet. But Bill, as DP Ruto is famously called, is very good in taking care of his offsprings.

Maribe recently hooked up a businessman with DP Ruto’s contact even having the senior Jubilee coalition partner open a building in North Rift.

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