Video:JUBILEE Resorts to Witchcraft After Sensing Defeat In Malindi By-Election

Mike Sonko Performing a Ritual
Mike Sonko Performing a Ritual

Seems the Jubilee Government is smelling defeat in the upcoming Malindi By-Election and they are leaving nothing to chance.Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on Thursday joined a group of tipsy youths in Malindi to perform a ritual presumed to invoke there gods for the Jubilee candidate before the parliamentary by-election.

In the video the Nairobi Senator uploaded on Social Media,the youths are seen enjoying pombe wa mnazi (Coconut brew) as the Senator urges the excited youngsters not to drink excessively.

The controversial then asks them whether they have voters card and IDs before calling on the bar attendant.

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A man who appears to be the owner of the open-air tavern shows up then leads the already thrilled young men in pouring the drink on the ground as they utter a lengthy incantation.

Philip Charo angire bungeni, angire bungeni nangire (Let Philip Charo enter government),” goes the lengthy enchantment.

The young men reply wildly to the leader’s incantation as they flood the ground with the gruel,asserting that they will vote for the Jubilee allied candidate.

But spoilers,just be my guest and watch the video below Courtesy of Mike Sonko:

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