This Leaked Conversation Shows CS anne waiguru Did Not Resign Willingly-Caroline MUTOKO Shares!

Caroline Mutoko(Right),Anne Waiguru(Left)

Credits:Caroline Mutoko(twitter), personal blog)

Whatever transpired behind the scenes before Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary,Anne Waiguru succumbed to pressure and eventually resign amidst claims of corruption in her ministry has been speculated by many.

However these leaked conversation between Anne waiguru and a state operative named,’Olivier Pope’ which was shared on twitter by former KISS 100 morning presenter,Caroline Mutoko,gives us a vivid picture of what actually happened behind closed doors moments before Waiguru tabled her resignation letter.

Here is how the conversation went down;

By the way,if you have no idea who Olivia Pope is don’t worry just think of her as a vessel.

Ann Waiguru is seated in Olivia Pope’s office. Her eyes are wandering across the room. Olivia walks in sits down and
looks at her with stern eyes.

Olivia:What do you want?

 WAIGURU:Excuse me?

OLIVIA:Its a question I ask all my client or people am negotiating with. I already know the answer but I like
to hear them say it. What do you want?

WAIGURU:I want to keep my job

OLIVIA:Thats not possible. Make another choice.

WAIGURU:(Determinedly) I want to keep my job.

OLIVIA:(In sharp tone) What is wrong with you? There is no way you are going to keep your job.There is no scenario available in which that is possible. Your little rugby tweet made sure of that. You will resign or you will be fired its inevitable. Half of the country thinks you are the Presidents mistress the other does not know what to think. The president’s opponents are using you to hit at him everyday and hurt his chances of re-election. The only reason…CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING..

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