What Did Uhuruto Do To Kethi Kilonzo For Her To Tell Them Such Harsh But True Words?CORD Involved

Kethi Kilonzo:Photo Courtesy
Kethi Kilonzo:Photo Courtesy

City Lawyer Kethi kilonzo became a darling of CORD supporters when she was first introduced to the public glare early 2013 after the General Elections during CORD’s Appeal of the Presidential results at the supreme court.

Ever since,she seems to have opinions that are against the JAP(Jubilee Alliance Party) government.Her recent spat is no different.

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In an article she wrote on the Standard media Newspaper as one of the standard columnists,Kethi reiterated that President’s Obama’s message to Kenya and Kenyans was misunderstood.

While at Kasarani,she continued that President Obama did not endorse either the Government or the opposition come 2017 Elections. His (later) tongue in cheek chastisement of the Opposition was widely misunderstood.

At Kasarani President Obama chose to be introduced by his sister. In Kethi’s opinion he chose not be introduced by the President or the establishment so that his message could reach those who only see and judge the President and his government through CORDed eyes.

President Obama advised Kenya and Kenyans that “a politics that is based solely on tribe and ethnicity is a politics that is doomed to tear a country apart. It is a failure — a failure of imagination”.
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