Shame!!Meet CORD Governor Deported From Singapore because of his love of Liqour &Ladies!

photo of Caleb Amaswache

Vihiga County Deputy Governor, Caleb Amaswache, was deported from Singapore due to his love for the bottle and women.Caleb was put in the next flight to Nairobi just after landing at the Singapore airport.

According to officials at Singapore’s Changi airport, the Deputy Governor, who is associated with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s CORD, was drunk when he arrived at the airport and behaved in an immoral manner before women at the airport prompting for his deportation because such behavior are not condoned in the Asian world.

However, while addressing the Press yesterday, Caleb denied ever having been deported because of his lose morals.

He noted that he had forgotten some of his documents, including the invitation letter, which would have allowed him entry into Singapore.

Nonetheless, he admitted to having been drunk at the airport but insisted that he was never deported because of women and beer.

“I had taken a few beers while in the plane but that is not the reason why I was forced into the next flight to Nairobi,” said Caleb.Upon landing I discovered I had not carried the invitation letter. After all why do they sell alcohol in the plane if they know you will not get entry to your destination?he wondered.He promised to refund the sh445, 000 allocated to him as per diem for accountability purposes since he never accomplished his mission.

Mr Amaswache, the acting County Executive for Land, Housing and Urban Development, said he went to Singapore to attend the sixth annual Affordable Housing Conference..MOST VIEWED TODAY:HERE IS HOW KQ FOUND OUT THEIR EMPLOYEE &FORMER CITIZEN TV HOST WAS A STRIPPER IN THE USA!!

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