You Will Surely Vote For RAILA In 2017 After Reading This Passionate Piece KETHI KILONZO Wrote.Such A Genius!


She turned heads during CORD’s election petition at the High Court of Appeal and she has continued being in our minds by virtue of her enchanting looks and soft spokenness.City lawyer, Kethi Kilonzo, has done it again by penning down a short passionate piece of work praising former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for all his sacrifice for this country.

In her editorial, Kethi said Raila,who was detained for over 8 years during former President Moi’s regime never
attended his mother’s burial since he was incarcerated at Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison. Shockingly, he learnt about his mother’s death 6 months after her burial.
This is what Kethi Kilonzo, who is daughter of late Makueni Senator, Mutula Kilonzo, posted.
Raila Odinga lost his mum while in detention at Shimo la Tewa maximum prison.
His elder brother Oburu wrote a telegram to the government of Moi requesting that he be allowed to attend the burial.The telegram took six months to reach Raila. The rest are history..
He was detained fighting for the love of his Nation Kenya. And he still fighting for us. Doing great things at his age.
He remains undeterred in this quest. He has shown unflagging support for the cause.
If you are a Kenyan who is patriotic enough, or courteous enough vote for him in 2017.
Or what reason would you have in voting for Uhuru who has showed a callous disregard for your life, children and property.
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